Captive by Design

A chastity device for the rest of your life

Why Captive by design? 

Great question! 

The short answer - To get a custom chastity device that can be worn for the rest of your life. Not another paperweight like most other devices end up being. 


Before creating your custom metal chastity device built to your measurements we will create a plastic prototype for you to test fit. 

A prototype what?

To make your device we will create a custom 3d model based on your measurements and options. Then we can make one or several rounds of plastic devices to get the perfect fit. Depending on the plastic we use these can be worn from weeks to months to confirm everything is perfect. Once your happy with the fit and feel like it is perfect, we make the metal device. 

Isn't it more expensive to do the plastic devices than to just print it in metal to begin with?

Our goal is to eliminate the waste of money, stress and disatisfaction that many chastity device wearers go through when their device doesn't fit and to leave them with a lasting high quality device. You can have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you are getting before final delivery. So while there is additional cost of the prototyping, the cost of a device that can be worn over the rest of your life is inexpensive vs the one sitting on a shelf.  It's like visiting a tailor for a custom suit vs. just buying one online and hoping for the best.